International Food Marketing
Research Symposium 2014

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International Food Marketing Research Symposium

MAPP will be co-hosting the 2014 International Food Marketing Research Symposium together with Institute of Food Products Marketing from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia.

The conference takes place at Aarhus University 19-20 June 2014, and papers are now being accepted for the event. You can submit papers and register online at 

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2014.04.11 | Research news

COSUS - a new MAPP project

Consumers in a sustainable food supply chain: understanding barriers and facilitators for acceptance of visually suboptimal foods

Alexandra Kraus, Department of Business Administration.

2014.04.10 | Events

PhD Defence: Alexandra Kraus

Indirect Procedures for the Measurement of Approach-Avoidance Motivation

2014.04.09 | Knowledge exchange

Are the organic consumers of the future just a bunch of hippies?

The answer is both yes and no. Today’s organic consumers still have a little bit of hippie left in them, and they appear to be compassionate and tolerant people who are keen to protect the environment. But for organic consumers, ecology is also a matter of self-indulgence, and personal gratification plays a significant part in their consumer…


Recently published peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Juhl, H. J., & Jensen, M. B. (2014). Relative price changes as a tool to stimulate more healthy food choices - A Danish household panel study. Food Policy, 46, 178–182.
  • Olsen, N. V., Røssvoll, E., Langsrud, S., & Scholderer, J. (2014). Hamburger hazards and emotions. Appetite, 78, 95-101.
  • Orquin, J. L., Jeppesen, H. B., Scholderer, J., & Haugtvedt, C. (2014). Attention to advertising and memory for brands under alcohol intoxication. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, [212].
  • Bialkova, S., Grunert, K. G., Juhl, H. J., Wasowicz-Kirylo, G., Stysko-Kunkowska, M., & van Trijp, H. (2014). Attention mediates the effect of nutrition label information on consumers' choice: Evidence from a choice experiment involving eyetracking. Appetite, 76, 66-75
  • Perrea, T., Grunert, K. G., Krystallis Krontalis, A., Zhou, Y., Huang, G., & Hu, Y. (2014). Testing and Validation of a Hierarchical Values-Attitudes Model in the Context of Green Food in China. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 26(2), 296-314

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